Which Geyser is Best For 4 Member Family?

Do you want to Know Which Geyser is Best For 4 Member Family? Finding the correct water heater for your home is essential. A good one will provide you with hot water for all your household needs. In addition, it will also save you money on your electricity bill. Before buying one, you should consider several factors.

Which Geyser is Best For 4 Member Family?

Key Features to look for in Geysers

  • Type Of Geyser
  • Size Of Family, Size & Capacity Of Geyser
  • Tank Materials
  • Water Pressure
  • Temperature Adjustments
  • BEE 5 Star Rating Power Saving
  • Power Consumption wattage
  • Warranty
  • Safety & Insulation

Type Of Geysers

There are different types of geysers available in the market.

  1. Instant Geysers
  2. Storage Geysers
  3. Gas Geysers

Size Of Family

The first thing you should consider is the size of your family. The number of people in your family plays a significant role in determining the size of your water heater. For example, a four-member family needs 15-25 liters of water. On the other hand, a three-member family requires a little less. Also, you need to consider the space available in your bathroom. If you live in a small house, choose an instant water heater. These are perfect for kitchens and small bathrooms.

Best Geyser Chart Based On Family Members

Tank Materials

You should also consider the materials used for the tank. The most common materials are copper and stainless steel, a corrosive-resistant tank. You should also check for a glass-lined coating on the inner tank. A stainless steel tank is less corrosive and requires less maintenance. However, it does not provide much insulation.

Power Consumption

ould consider the wattage. The higher the wattage, the faster it will heat water. If your family uses less hot water, go for a geyser with a lower wattage. Have a big family? buy a large-capacity geyser. Also, See Article 5 Best Gas Stove Brands In India The third factor you should consider is the insulation. The better the insulation, the less energy it takes to heat water. If your geyser has polyurethane foam, it will keep the water warmer for extended periods. It will also save 40% of your energy costs.

Water Pressure

If you have a small family, go with a geyser that has a smaller storage tank. These are usually less expensive and are suitable for individuals. However, it would help if you also considered the water pressure. If the water pressure is low, it can lead to leaks. On the other hand, if the water pressure is high, it can cause the tank to burst. The type of water you use will also play a significant role in determining the size.

For example, the water temperature in the southern part of India is considerably lower than that in the northern region. If you live in south India, go with a 15-liter geyser. If you live in north India, consider a 25-liter model.

Temperature Adjustments

You should also look for a model that has an adjustable knob. Most geysers today have a by-default thermostat setting at 60 degrees C. However, if you set the temperature to 50 degrees, you can save 18% more electricity.


The warranty period is also an essential factor. Most high-quality geysers have a warranty of at least four to five years. Always look for a model with a five-star BEE rating. A good rating will guarantee the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Energy efficiency

Department of Energy (DOE) is conducting a market and technology assessment to determine the impacts of potential amended energy conservation standards on the industry. Specifically, DOE is seeking public input on the energy efficiency of storage water heaters.the effectiveness of existing technologies, the best ways to measure the energy efficiency of storage water heaters, and the cost and benefit of new technologies.

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