Why Vidiem Gas Stove is Special?

When I first saw Vidiem Tusker Gas Stove, I fell in love with this new design and its model. It truly has an Amazing Design and is one of the best newly launched Stainless Steel gas Stoves in India.

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Vidiem Tusker Gas Stove is the best newly launched design that makes you stunned. It even comes with 5 years of warranty, which no other brand is dared to offer. Let’s discuss the important features of the Vidiem Tusker Gas Stove and its variants. We will look into various features, pros, and cons, gas stove prices, etc so that you can make your buying decision.

Never Seen Design in Stainless Steel Gas Stoves

Vidiem 4 Burner Gas Stove

Vidiem Tuskar Gas Stove comes in 4 different varietie – Vidiem Four Burner Gas Stove – Vidiem Three Burner Gas Stove – Vidiem Two Burner Gas Stove – Vidiem 4 Burner Gas Stove With Amazing Burner Placement

Vidiem Gas Stove 10 Unique Features

1. One Piece Stainless Steel Body with Amazingly 2mm Thickness 2. Brass Burners with Dura Forging Technology 3. Extra Heavy Duty 5 mm thick Heavy Guage Pan Support  4. Stylish & Sturdy ABS Chrome Leg 5. Easily Removable Spill Proof Drip Tray 6. Directly Flowing Gas Tube 7. 4 mm Thick Walls of Gas Mixing Tube 8. Extremely Precision Gas Valve 9. Chrome Black Plated Metal Valve 10. Stunning New Design

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